How to get to the Learning Centre

By car:

Important Notice:

As Parking space in Bad Antogast is very limited, we recommend to come by train or to park your car in Oppenau or Maisach and then use the shuttle bus or taxi to come up to Bad Antogast. 


Take the Autobahn (express way) A 5 (A 67) Frankfurt - Karlsruhe – Basel and exit at Appenweier, Oberkirch Landstraße (federal highway) B 28 and follow the direction of Freudenstadt via Oberkirch and Lautenbach to Oppenau. In Oppenau, take the third exit at the traffic circle, then go straight on through the arch of the historic town gate and take a right turn over the bridge. There is another right turn after 500 m which is signposted Maisach – Bad Antogast. If you’re using SatNav enter Bad Antogast 1, 77728 Oppenau.


By train:

Please check your train schedule at - and choose the destination Oppenau Bahnhof or Oppenau Post. You can find a detailed breakdown of your trip with changes, times and platforms by clicking on ´Print View` and then `Details`.

From Oppenau you can take a taxi to Bad Antogast - taxi phone number – 0049/ (0)7804/ 761 (the taxi costs €14) or you can call us at 0049/ (0)7804/ 973 90. Bad Antogast is just 5 km from the Oppenau train station.

By plane

Note that there are a number of airports in the vicinity so before you buy a plane ticket check the airport list below.

If you plan to continue your journey by train, check what time trains run from your airport to Oppenau. Train schedules vary and you need to ensure that you can find a connection to Oppenau at the time that you land. (See `By train´ above)

1. Frankfurt Airport

If you’re arriving at Frankfurt Airport and taking a train to Oppenau, (See `By train´ above) when checking your train schedule choose the departure point Frankfurt Airport. Follow signs for Regional Trains and the trip will take about three hours.

2. Frankfurt Hahn Airport

Frankfurt Hahn is a completely different airport some two hours from Frankfurt. If you are flying into Frankfurt Hahn you should select Frankfurt Hahn or Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, Hahn (Hunsrück) on the railway schedule. Your destination is Oppenau Bahnhof or Oppenau Post. You can expect the trip to take between five and six hours.

3. Baden Karlsruhe Airport:
From the airport take the No. 285 bus to the main station of Baden-Baden and from there a train to Oppenau which will probably need one train change. This trip will take about two hours.

For timetables check and select FKB Baden-Airpark or Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Terminal, Rheinmün

4. Stuttgart Airport:
Please check the detailed schedule of your journey at choosing departure – STR Stuttgart Airport or Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe
This trip should take about three hours.

5. Strasbourg Airport (France):

Please check the detailed schedule of your journey at choosing departure – Strasbourg Aeroport or Entzheim Aeroport
This trip should take about two hours.

6. Basel Airport (Switzerland)

Please check the detailed schedule of your journey at choosing departure – Basel Airport or Basel Flughafen
This trip should take about three hours

The Learning Centre

Bad Antogast July 2010 Carousel_0.jpg

Bad Antogast was Founded in 1981, is a stylish building with its own architectural charm, located in the beautiful mountains of the Black Forest. The accommodation is simple yet comfortable with different options to suit your requirements.